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Garfagnini have been for centuries, farmers, herders, woodcutters, miners, and today are mostly laborers, artisans, clerks and traders, but all kept alive their roots and values of a time. In the kitchen this "traditional" is still alive, a mirror of people accustomed to work, in need of content rather than form, typical food of the mountain. Here the chestnuts were the main food for generations by ensuring food even when the historical periods have not been the happiest. Here then is the "polenta neccio" as it is called here the chestnut flour, now with PDO, often accompanied with "pork bone" or "tullore" (dried chestnuts boiled in milk). Beef and pork are substantially those of other animals or poultry, but the trout, already famous at the time of the Medici, often appear on the table. Then there's spelled now guaranteed by the mark of geographical indication, used in soups, in pies and in the "Farotti," and even polenta or maize as it is called here "Formenton of eight rows, the beans giallorini and the sweet, simple and even chestnut flour "the chestnut and necci, more elaborate, almost a recipe that takes every housewife's secret, that of" pasimata ", a typical dessert of the Easter period. Many tasty reasons to come to the Garfagnana and we are sure, once discovered this hidden corner of Tuscany, you will be hard not to come back often.

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