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Nature enthusiasts can be found in parks and nature reserves in Garfagnana many points of interest. In recent years, wildlife, particularly ungulates, had a great increase. It is not uncommon to meet at night on the street deer, Mouflon and wild boar, while the roar of the deer still lingers in the autumn in beech. Badgers, hedgehogs and foxes often come downnear villages. Silent wolf approaches the flocks, perpetuating the ancient struggle between pastor and predator.For birds, there are over 140  species among sedentary and step. Several nesting sites of the Golden Eagle and the Apuan Alps are obliged in migration of snake eagle.

Environmental guides organize in different periods of the year targeted excursions to the discovery and observation of wildlife in winter to read tracks in the snow, in the autumn for listening to roar into spring summer to capture the flight of birds of prey.

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