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Itineraries Via Ferrata: Pizzo d'Uccello iron way

Duration 4:00h
Pizzo d’Uccello, the most northern of Apuan Tops, overlooks with its majestic North face, the Lunigiana side of the Park. The 700 m vertiginous rock face extends in largeness for some km, creating a wide and spectacular amphitheatre where at the extremities there are two iron ways that let attach the face in the most accessible points or to realize a loop. The point of starting of those iron ways is Cave Cantonaccio locality  which it is possible to reach from Solco di Equi Terme or for marble excavation from Ugliancaldo.
1. Equipped iron way “Domenico Zaccagna” links Cave del Cantonaccio to Foce Lizzari (1250 m above sea level) and Nattapiana ridge signal CAI 190.
2. Equipped iron way “M. Piotti”. From Foce Lizzari the signal CAI 191 runs below the Nattapiana ridge until Foce a Giovo, from where, in sum, you reach Pizzo d’Uccello’s top.
3. Iron way “Tordini – Galligani”. It links Cave Cantonaccio to Foce a Siggioli (1390 above sea level)and to Capradossa ridge. Surely it is the most beautiful and difficult of the three with a 450 m altitude gap and about 2h distance. It is required particular attention, in particular downhill, in safety’s operations or in the absence of dizziness.

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