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Formenton otto file flour

From Sweet Corn (rea mais) 8 file of Garfagnana, also called “Formentone”, milled in the water mills, it is possible to get the floor to prepare polenta gialla (yellow cornmeal mush), a unique food present in all the rural tables during some months a year.
Polenta, accompanied with stew mushrooms, rabbit “Cacciatore”, salted codfish or immerged in Bolognese sauce and grated cheese, perfumed with one herring, “salacchin”, in case there was not nothing more, it was the main course par excellence.
And with the purpose of not wasting nothing, finished the ham, you take the bone, you boil for about three hours with beans and black cabbage flavored by onion sautéed, carrot, celery, garlic and a slice of lard, in the bouillon you have already obtained you boil formenton floor, pressing frequently for more 45 minutes.
“Infarinata”, the name of this polenta, is perfect to eat hot, but also cut by slices when it is cld, and fried in the lard.

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