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Neccio DOP Flour

There is an European trademark which marks genuineness and Garfagnana chestnut flour’s work process. During autumn the chestnut tree’s precious fruits are collected by hand, exsiccated for forty days on the “metati” (wooden and stoned structures) where the fire is nourished only by chestnut wood. After a careful manual selection the chestnuts are milled in the stoned mills and turned in flour with soft and delicate fragrance used for traditional polenta or cakes, as castagnaccio or necci.

CLASSIC RECIPE: “La Polenta di Neccio”
In the pot, when slightly salted water boils, you slowly put neccio flour on it and you shake with “meston” in order to not produce lumps, you leave boil for about thirty minutes, then you spill farina on the little table and you prepare the slices cutting them with “cavicchio”. You can eat this dish together with stew pork bones, or with fresh ricotta, with fried “biroldo” or bacon.

THE CHEF SUGGESTS: “Mantovana di Neccio allo Yogurt”
• 6 eggs
• 200 g margarine
• 300 g sugar
• 150 g corn flour
• 30 g cocoa
• 250 g neccio flour
You whip six egg yolks with margarine and 250 g sugar. You whip apart six egg whites with 50 g sugar. You mix the two mixtures  with flours sifting them together, and you also add cocoa. You baste and cover in flour two 25 cm baking trays, you put inside the mixture and cook all for 45 minutes at 160° in the oven. When the dish is cooked, you refresh it for 2-3 hours then cut traversal, you sup up with water and sugar diluted rum, then you fill with yogurt cream.
To prepare yogurt cream you mix with finesse 100 g whipped cream, 100 g sugar, 100 g ricotta and 200 g not whole milk yogurt, so you full dust ruffle neccio and fill to your taste.

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