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Garfagnana IGP spelt (farro)

There is an European trademark which marks genuineness of this very ancient cereal, basis of Romans’, Egyptians’ and Babylon’s food.
Its farming is hand down in Garfagnana during the centuries in the Middle and High Hill more appropriate areas, it is not subjected to chemical processes, but it is collected and polished in the production area.
Traditionally it was used for soup and savory tarts, but it is also the ideal basis for main courses and salads in place of rice.

(ingredients for 6 people)
300 g Garfagnana IGP Farro
1000 g potatoes
500 g beans
3 leafs of chard
Preparation: Sauté a bacon slice with minced carrot, onion and celery.
Add potatoes earlier broken into small pieces and use beans before put in water, let brown and then add water, boil as a normal vegetable soup and add farro which does not need to be put in water, cook it for about 30 minutes, worrying about turning it frequently. Spice with extra virgin oil.

THE CHEF SUGGESTS: “Farrotto cooked with nettle and getti di vitalba (vezzadri)
Procure a fistful of nettle and “getti di vitalba”.
Prepare a vegetable bouillon using an onion, a ripe tomato, a carrot, salt and pepper.
Make a light sautéed with leek and a glove of garlic pressed adding about 80g of farro per head.
Cook slowly adding the bouillon and mixing frequently.
At half-cooking add the nettle and cleaned and minced “vezzadri”.
Cook, leaving rest before serving with grated cheese.

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