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Ancient Fruits

As “casciana” apple, “giappone” one, “sorbe”, greenish and “macon” pears, some local varieties that guardian farmers are conserving with the purpose of not losing the tastes of an ancient tradition. Moreover, perfumed and colourful mixed berries: blueberries, blackberries, currants, raspberries and strawberries eaten fresh, with ricotta or ice cream, converted in preserves and syrups to take in the cold and long winter the memory of the hot sun of Summer. One of the few liqueurs, as well as grappa, present in the houses, was “Maraschino”, obtained by doing marinate maraschino cherries on the sun, to which  you leave a piece of petiole, put in a vase with sugar. When sugar is well melted (about three days)you add a mixture of “sassolino”, anisette rum and cognac. You leave stand it at least one month.

Finished to cook the bread in the wood oven, when the temperature of the oven goes down, you oven cook an apple and pear baking  tray to which core is removed, the fruit slowly candies emanating an unique flavour and after about 30 minutes it is ready to take it on the table for the joy of adults and children. If you want really exaggerate, you put on the fruits some fused chocolate.

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