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Garfagnana is famous for its mushroom. From chestnuts to beech wood, every  place  is good to collect these  delicious berries.  Certainly  the most wanted  is porcino mushroom with its different  species, but the experts can find in Garfagnana many  kinds  of eatable mushrooms. The mycological exhibitions are numerous and gathered in a unique calendar; they teach to recognise the different species. Health service of Asl certifies the security  of  what you collect, and if you are not experts  it is advisable to abstain from eating mushrooms whereof we are not sure of their edibility.

Rules for pigeon mushrooms’ harvest (LR 58 / 2010)
The  authorization for the mushrooms’ harvest is released from Tuscany Area and it is effective on all regional area. For the research inside the national and regional parks it is required to take vision  of the respective rules that can foresee more authorization and/or different collection procedures from the ones fixed by the regional law.
People who want collect apogeal mushrooms in the wild only in the Municipality of residence is not required to carry any authorization; for the collection of wild apogeal mushrooms outside the Municipality of residence must make a deposit on postal account no. 6750946 in Tuscany Region’s name.
The receipt must bring again the casual ‘Raccolta funghi’ and the collector’s personal details, moreover it must be retained and carried at the time of collection, along with an identification document.
To obtain the authorization they should be paid the following amount:
13 ,00 € for personal six month authorization
25,00€ for personal yearly authorization
In the case of residence in classified mountainous areas, these amounts are reduced by 50%. People among 14-18 years old that attended an information and education course organized by the provincial Administration  or the mountain Communities, and have obtained the relevant certificate of attendance, have a discount.

Tourist Authorization for non-residents in Tuscany
Also in this case the payment must be made on the postal account no. 6750946 in the name of Tuscany  Region.
The amount is:
15,00€ for the tourist daily authorization;
40,00€ for the tourist authorization valid for 7 days
100,00 € for touristic yearly license.
The date or indication of the week must be compulsorily added after the text in the caption ‘Raccolta funghi’.
We need also to remember that:
The information of the person who carry out have the harvest must be reported to the bulletin in every place that compose it; similarly, in the case of payment made by the person who exercise parental authority on behalf of an underage child, must be given the minor’s personal details.
The payment’s receipt  must be preserved and brought with yourself at the moment of mushrooms’ harvest together with a ID card.
3 kg daily upper limit
The harvest daily limit for person is 3kilograms per head, except in the case of a single specimen or more specimens weighing more than connate; the daily upper limit mount up to ten only in the case that the territories’ residents classified Tuscany’s mountains do the harvest in their city of residence. There are no limits, on the other hand for rural entrepreneurs and agro forestry’s members of cooperatives that, in possession of the fungal species’ certificate of recognition issued by mycological Inspectorates, carry out the collection with the purpose of their income’s integration in province of residence. In this case it is required to send, also by electronic means, a simple declaration to Comunità montana, Union of Municipalities and Province of expertise. The same people may apply by submitting an application to the competent provincial administration a similar exception to the collection’s limits for provincial territories different from that of residence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Prohibition  for some species
it’s forbidden the specimens’ harvest of the following species, in the case that the hat’s size would be inferior to: 4 cm for Kind Boletus section Edules (porcini), 2 cm for Hygrophorus marzuolus (dormiente) and for Lyophyllum ambosorum (prognolo). It’s forbidden ovolo buono’s harvest when  lamellas are not visible.
Conditions for harvest:
Epigei mushrooms’ harvest is allowed in the wood and uncultivated land in which it is allowed to access and is not reserved mushrooms’ harvest. In regional and national parks or in protected area the harvest can be subjected to different rules and addicted to the authorizations’ possession of permits issued by various operators according to specifics rules. The harvesting can be carried from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. During the harvest is forbidden using instruments that ruin the mycelium, the soil’s surface layer and the vegetation root (rakes). The mushrooms should be stored in rigid containers and aerated, acts to spread spore.
It is forbidden the use of plastic bags.
Provinces and Unions of Municipalities are holders of  authorization procedures for collection areas’ establishment reserved for economic purposes and harvest with fee on lands licensed belonging to the agricultural regional forest heritage. Provinces and Unions of Municipalities may prohibit harvest for a maximum of two days a week for reasons of environmental protection or to harmonize different activities’ execution within the wooden areas.

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