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In traditional cookery beans and lentils are, in association with cereals and pork meat, the basis of numerous dishes , till nowadays, in the fertile and sandy lands long Serchio river called, exactly, “fagiolaie” cultivate local varieties of beans as “giallorino”, “scritto”, “fico” or “mascherino”.

CLASSIC RECIPE: “Taglierini with Beans”
The basis of this simple and tasteful recipe is thick bouillon obtained cooking, together with an unavoidable sautéed with bacon, beans (before in water) and potatoes. “Taglierini” are made by kneading corn flour, eggs, water and salt, you roll the pasta obtained in this way thanks to a rolling pin, then you roll and cut with a knife obtaining thin strips that you cook in the boiling bouillon. The dish becomes more tasteful is you leave it stand and eat the following day.

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