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Potato Bread

The bread, simple food and poor, is for all the peasant symbol of abundance and prosperity, white, fragrant, always fresh, on the tables of the gentry, dark or with the addition of other flours such as maize and chestnuts on desco peasants.
The secret to preserve and keep the bread soft for a week was added to the mixture of mashed potatoes before baking in a wood oven.Today, the potato bread Garfagnana is the Slow Food and is included in the Way of Loaves and products of the Apuan Basket Lucchese.


THE CHEF RECOMMENDS: "The Toast with lard"
Prepare a sauce with olive oil, garlic and rosemary, finely chopped.Thin slices of bacon and toast the garfagnino potato bread, preferably stale, baked.When the bread is hot to put on the bacon and brush with the sauce.The toast is also excellent with the bread flour neccio.

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