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Since the antiquity trouts, which were from fresh and clean waters of the streams, were both really appreciated  due to fresh consumption and conserved thanks to a special process  called “marinatura”. Till nowadays modern diet considers trout as a fundamental food to the easy digestion of its meats and for the reduced presence of  greases.
In Serchio Valley there are two varieties of trouts: “fario” one finds its ideal habitat in the freshest and oxygenated waters of high-flying streams, meanwhile “iridea” one prefers, instead, hotter and calmer waters; both varieties are really fine and can be found also at farmers’ who produce trouts as a fresh consumption and recolonization.
European Community recognized Serchio Valley waters as an unscathed area from illnesses that frequently damage those fishes.

CLASSIC RECIPE: “Marinate Trout”
Fillet the trout in 4 cm little pieces. Pass the pieces on the white flour and brown them in a pan with olive oil. Then put them in a terrine; add an half glass of wine vinegar, an handful of minced parsley with an half clove of garlic and a little chili pepper. Sauté for about two minutes and fill the well hot liquid on the trouts in the terrine. Cover with a cover. So marinated trout conserves also for a week, it is perfect to serve as a tasteful appetizer.


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