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Castiglione Garfagnana

Castiglione di Garfagnana, the small Garfagnana capital placed on access road to Passo delle Radici at an elevation of 541 metres and covers an area of 48.64 square kilometres, has little more than two thousand inhabitants, but is one of those villages so devoted to their traditions to become centennial, because of the constancy that its inhabitants dedicate to this.

Traditions are many, but among the most important are the "gift", which falls from January 20, 1631, timely, uninterrupted, every first Sunday of the year: is the maintenance of a vow made by the Parliament of Castiglione of that time.

Then we find the "Crocioni", which renew every Maundy Thursday the tradition of the ascent of Christ on Calvary: a large cross carried by a hooded man and no one knows the identity.

There is also, for over a century, the Filarmonica Alpina. Do not forget the words of the Festival at passo delle Forbici held every first Sunday of August to remember the poet di Castelvecchio.

Dates back to the period of Roman domination the building of castra, meaning armed land fortifications, including CASTRUM LEONIS, (Castiglione) the strongest of the Valley. Since that time, he was held in high esteem for its control position on the road leading to passo di San Pellegrino.

Because of its strategic location, the castle of the lion, had a very troubled past and often was forced to pull out its claws to defend themselves from numerous sieges.

To discover the history and monuments of Castiglione, still tight in its double walls curtain, you can book a guided tour of the pro loco, who has access to the Fortress, now private, and the two churches of San Michele and San Pietro.

Its territory Castiglione has two good ski resorts recently renovated and expanded, the Passo delle Radici and Casone di Profecchia, in addition to the Ethnographic Museum of the countryside and of the life of yesterday which is close to the sanctuary of San Pellegrino in Alpe, the country whose 1524 metres, is the highest village of the Apennines.

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