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Fosciandora lies on the left bank of Serchio river and covers an area of 19.82 km square. It is possible to access through Ceserana’s Bridge, out-and-out customs to Three Lands’ territory.
Although located in the hills, it is caressed by a relatively mild climate, due to its geographical location, protected, that is, from the Apennines that during the winter prevents the arrival of cold winds from Northern Europe. This allowed in the course of time the cultivation of vines and olive trees , not easy to spread in Garfagnana.
The village is overlooked and surrounded by chestnut woods, perfect to cool off during the summer heat, but also in the autumn, to look for mushrooms.
Ceserana arises at the top of a hill dominated by a large Romanesque church built on the ruins of an ancient castle. La Villa, Lupinaia, Riana and Treppignana are the other surroundings of the Municipality of Fosciandora.
Madonna della Stella’s Sanctuary is place of pilgrimage, instead on the first Sunday of August there is the traditional shepherds’ festival at Prade Garfagnana, an event not to be missed for those who want to relive the sake of fun made from the simplest things, such as running in the bags or pulling of the rope.

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