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Gallicano, located along the road that leads from Lucca to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, has an area of 30.5 square kilometers and is located 186 meters  above sea level.
The country retains the typicality of a medieval town, including a wall of which some remains can still be seen, originally built during the Middle Age and another, more recent, built in the Renaissance.
Advancing through the streets of the village, you reach San Jacopo’s Church, the oldest building, built at the top of the village. In effect it was built during the Middle Age and has a Romanesque facade. Inside the church there is a valuable glazed terracotta depicting a Madonna with Child and Saints from the workshop of Della Robbia.
Among the famous people hailing from Gallicano is counted the speaker Domenico Bertini (1417-1506).
Among the various events that every years brighten the inhabitants of the village and many tourists, especially in summer, is to remember the traditional Palio di San Jacopo, which is held on July 25th in honor of the Patron Saint. The religious procession is accompanied by challenges between the city districts for the allocation of the Palio; do not miss the parade of papier-mâché floats.
Gallicano’ surroundings deserve an accurate look at. Beginning with Verni and Trassilico, whose Fortress, located 732 meters above sea level, occupies a dominant position across all Serchio Media Valley and is the highest point of the village. The fortification, very important from a strategic and military profile, was virtually inaccessible.
The country of Perpoli, just like Gallicano, has a double wall, one, as a matter of fact, the oldest and reduced to a few meters high wall, and the second, however, more recent, of Renaissance origin, with an imposing stone gateway. Even Perpoli is situated on the top of a hill and can be reached by abandoning the provincial road Gallicano-Castelnuovo near Monteperpoli’s pass and embarking on a municipal street that leads to the town.

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