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Minucciano, located  in the boundaries with Lunigiana, with an area of 57 square km, is one of the municipalities most extended of Garfagnana.
Its territory  holds among the tops of the most high Apuan Alps, from Monte Sella to Pizzo d'Uccello, from Pisanino, that with his 1945 metres of height represents the top of the most high peak of  Apuans, to Tambura and Grondilice, but it reaches the first buttress of Apennines with Passo dei Carpinelli, 842 metres of height, located in a landscape of beauty indescribable and overhanging by Argegna Mountain, 1019 metres above sea level with his Madonna della Guardia’s white Sanctuary. The chief town, already set up over the watershed,rises perched around to a characteristic bell tower circular, not far from the village, where there is Madonna del Soccorso’s Sanctuary. The hermitage also has a hospice where, in ancient times, pilgrims were welcomed and accommodated while, until a century ago, there used to stop the marble quarry workers who reached Orto di Donna.
A path links the hermitage to the ruins of  Castle of Bergiola, that a group of volunteers were trying to recover.
Gorfigliano is the most populous centre of the municipality.  It is located  at the foot of Pisanino at a height of 690 meters above sea level.  Do not forget to admire the Ancient Church or ancient castle, from where it is possible to have a beautiful view of Gramolazzo lake, both S. Antonio’s oratory and Saints Giusto and Clemente’s church who are also patrons of the village. In the graveyard inside the chapel Pancetti, there is a wall painted with the image of Christ dying made by the Milanese Pietro Annigoni. The Gorfigliano’s inhabitants are very attached to their traditions: the first Sunday of August is celebrated  Madonna of the Quarrymen, protector of the category, while during the Christmas Eve, listening Ave Maria, Natalecci light up, high pyres built with branches of trees intertwined.
Gramolazzo lake dued to its banks, which slope is frequented by fishermen and bathers, it lends itself very well to boating, sailing and canoeing, which it is possible hiring canoes at the nearby campsite.
Tsculpture symposium is followed by lots of people and it is held during the summer when artists from all over the world go around here to carve the known marble extracted in Garfagnana following a specific theme that changes every year.
Certainly  the best known and attended area of municipality of Minucciano is  Serenaia Valley, of glacial origin with his big garden “Orto di Donna“ sees the presence of three shelters for the reception of hikers and mountaineers who find here many of the best tours of the entire Apuan Alps and several railways, including the recently opened one which connects Hotels’ Valley (Massa) with Sheep Pass and Refuge Orto di Donna.          

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