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Piazza al Serchio

Piazza al Serchio is the most important road knot of High Garfagnana where converge the street of link with Emilia and Lunigiana, but it is also a point in which the Serchio of Sillano and the Serchio of Gramolazzo giving origin to a river that with his flow, characterizes the entire valley. Doglioni, black rocks of volcanic origin, stand as sentinels of the river and on the top of Castelvecchio, the ancient castle, now restored, stood in defense of this obligatory point of passage. The town's name has its origin from a wide area called, precisely, Piazza and used in the Middle Age, to the market and which is now, roughly, near the present railway station. It is said that right in front of this space stood a Pieve very important that, in his ecclesiastical jurisdiction, had 30 churches. Today remains only the old parish church bell of 1271, discovered during recent excavations. The bridge saddle donkey Piazza low and, even more impressive, St. Michael’s Bridge, the only access route to the medieval village, testify the strategic and economic importance of the country.
At the Municipal Library was organized an important Documentation Center which collects material of the oral tradition from Tuscany and Liguria. The library also has a specialized section on folk traditions.
Every suburb of Piazza al Serchio, small nucleus villages surrounded by fields of barley and fodder, is to be seen: Contra, Cortia, Nicciano, Cogna, Livignano, Sant'Anastasio and Petrognano, and finally, Borsigliana that within the church has a 5th century triptych Lady and Child created by the Master of Borsigliana, namely Pietro da Talada, which by itself is worth a visit.

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