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Sillano is the northernmost Municipality of the province and marks the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. It covers 64 square kilometers, with an altitude ranging from 730 mt. to 2054 mt. of Prado Mountain, the highest peak of Tuscan Apennines.
Two of the valleys, that of Dalli, which is connected with Pradarena Pass and the one of Soraggio where the artificial basin of Vicaglia on the road that leads to the Orecchiella Park.
Serchio River arises from these valleys and it is right by the water, along with a setting of rare natural beauty, to be a most valuable assets of this territory.
The tradition alloys the name of this municipality to Lucius Cornelius Silla, in transit with his legions, he was stopped in these places by a snowstorm. That this were one of the transit routes with the most popular Emilia is also testified by the name Ospedaletto, ancient hospice built by Matilda of Canossa.
In the capital of the parish church is dedicated to St. Bartholomew, the 15th century building undergone numerous restorations and structural changes that gave its current forms. Inside the church, typically Baroque style, you can admire fine paintings among which there is a table depicting a 16th century "Madonna and Child between St. Sisto and Catherine of Alexandria." At the center of the choir is also possible to admire a fresco by a local artist depicting a "Adoration of the Holy Cross."

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