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Vagli Sotto

The municipal territory of Vagli Sotto extends on a surface of 41,02 squared km, with the marbled of the top apuans of Sumbra, of Tambura, of Sella, of Roccandagia encircling at the crown.
It is characterized by the presence of a big artificial lake, one of the biggest of Europe, and certainly one of the most know view the existence, in the depth of his waters, of the so-called “ghost villageFabbriche di Careggine. The village was founded by blacksmiths of Bergamo and Brescia who work the iron extracted from Tambura, every time the Enel opens the dam and the lake waters flow out slowly resurface leaving the bell tower, the church, the houses. For an entire summer, then, the country comes back to life, visited by multitudes of tourists share a rare event. The communities that form the Municipality of Vagli Sotto, are heavy linked to its roots, costumes and traditions. Over Vagli Sotto we have Vagli Sopra and Roggio. Vagli Sotto, built on a hill, now surrounded by the waters of the lake tight around Saint Regolo’s Parochial, in perfect romantic style bi-colored stones (12th century), while in the town at the junction Fontana delle Monache, is St. Augustine’s church, one of the oldest of the Garfagnana, dating back to the year 1000 and the convent of the Augustinian nuns.
In Vagli Sopra the church is dedicated to Saint Lorenzo, while in Roggio the parochial Saint Bartolomeo, erects, almost like a castle, to the top of the village.
The pasture of Campocatino, ancient pastoral lying in green meadow basin of glacial origin at the foot of Roccandagia, is of rare beauty. The stone tolls tell us the story of the shepherds who spent the summer here for centuries. Today Campocatino is a LIPU’s Oasis and during the summer you can go hiking tours on the nature trail and San Viano’s Hermitage, incredibly placed against an overhanging rock wall. Here, Viano (or Viviano) lived in perfect solitude feeding on wild cabbage that, always plentiful, were born on the living rock. The devotion of the inhabitants to Blessed Viano is very strong, so much to choose it as the protector of many miners who work Valley of Arnetola’s marble, from where you extract precious marbles as Calacata and Arabescato.

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