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Vergemoli is located 619 meters above sea level and it is the capital of one of the most beautiful valleys of the Alps. Spread over a 27.3 square kilometers large area and nestled between the rocky walls of Pania della Croce (1,858 m.), Pania Secca (1709 m.) and Croce Mountain (1314 m.), while Forato Mountain with its distinctive natural arch which delimits the head dividing it by the High Versilia.
The most valuable asset of this valley is given by the great wealth of water, which feeds numerous fish farms, the hydroelectric reservoir of Trombacco and Polla Gangheri, while in past times it was clean energy that moved the millstones of many mills and hammers the ironworks built along the course of Turrite of Petrosciana.
The Municipality includes the villages of Fornovolasco, Campolemisi, San Pellegrinetto and Calomini.
Many of the attractions are worth a visit, starting from the famous Cave of the Wind, one of the most known caves of Europe, ending with Calomini’s Hermitage, admirable example of abri architecturewhich stand out against a white overhanging rock wall.
In Vergemoli Saints Quirico and Giuditta’s church is one of the oldest in the area of Gallicano, to the point that goes back even to the 10th century.
At the top of the village there is another small church, so-called St. Anthony, with adjoining chapel, porch and tree-lined square. The highlights include the extemporaneous poetry contest: "Boccabugia" held every first Sunday of August.

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