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Villa Collemandina

Villa Collemandina is located at an altitude of 549 meters, and it extends its municipal area of 34.81 km square from terraces of fluvial origin that characterize the environment around the capital, until the Apennine watershed, presenting outstanding natural and scenic interest areas fully included in Tuscan-Emilian Apennines’ National Park.
The limestone massif of the Pania of Corfino (1603 m asl) dominates the landscape and on whose slopes lies the village of Corfino, gateway to Reserves Orecchiella and Botanic Garden and the beautiful terrace overlooking the valley.
The small villages of Canigiano, Magnano, Pianacci and Massa, gathered around their churches, tell us of the rhythms of rural life, while Sassorosso at sunset blends colors of its houses with those of red limestone hill on which it is built.
To confirm the agricultural and pastoral tradition of this land, there are numerous pastures, such as Pruno Sulcina, Salera and Campaiana, where every year in the summer the traditional feast of hay is still celebrated.
Do not miss other events as the impromptu Painting Award in Corfino and Trout Festival in Villa Collemandina, where there are also often sport fishing competitions on the artificial lake.
For enthusiastic of popular theater instead we point out the review in May, with the singers that perform in the beautiful chestnut trees Valligori.

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