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Institutional Sites
Hermitages and sanctuaries

Calomini Hermitage


The sanctuary, set on the edge of a rocky cliff and almost entirely excavated in the rock, was built where it is narrated…

Lady of Guard's Sanctuary

Argegna - Minucciano

The sanctuary’s white building, built towards the end of the 800s and set in Argagna’s green grasslands highland,…

Lady of Soccour’s Sanctuary


In front of Minucciano’s village, riding on a pass that once was a place of passage for those who wanted to, climbing…

Mary the Saintest of the Star’s Sanctuary

Migliano - Fosciandora

Mary the Saintest of the Star’s Sanctuary near Migliano was named in a Alexander 3rd’s Bull in 1167. Renovation…

Old Church or Gorfigliano Ancient Castle

Gorfigliano - Minucciano

Originally, the village of Minucciano rose around the ancient Castle, still called “House”, not far from the…

San Pellegrino on Alps’ Sanctuary

San Pellegrino in Alpe - Castiglione di Garfagnana

The complex, made up of a church and a hospital, is mentioned already in 1168 in a Pope Alexander 3rd’s Bull, who…

San Viviano Hermitage

Vagli di Sopra - Vagli Sotto

The Blessed Viviano’s Hermitage is situated on the crags of Monte Roccandagia, near the path that leads to the Arnetola…

Santa Maria Assunta church

Borsigliana - Piazza al Serchio

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