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Fortresses and castles

Ariosto’s Fortress and Mont’Alfonso’s...

Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

Historic capital of Garfagnana, it was already in the Byzantine era an important fortified town. 8th century documents show…

Camporgiano's Fortress


After ups and downs, the people of Lucca were driven out from the Florence’s occupation in 1429 and the town passed…

Cascio's Fortress

Cascio - Molazzana

Given in fief to the noble Porcaresi (tenth century), was bought in 1292 by the city of Lucca that built a small fortress…

Castiglione Garfagnana's Fortress

Castiglione Garfagnana - Castiglione di Garfagnana

Historians say that Castello del Leone was the ancient name of this fortified village, still intact and austere, located…

Ceserana's Fortress

Ceserana - Fosciandora

Ceserana, country, church and fortress rise on the left bank of the Serchio, in the southern part of the ancient Estense…

Perpoli’s Fortress

Perpoli - Gallicano

The Location still partially enclosed by a wall, with inner fortress, founded in the 12nd century; was destroyed in 1170…

Piazza al Serchio's Fortress

Frazioni - Piazza al Serchio

Piazza al Serchio’s Fortress was built on the top of one of the "Doglioni", the blacks volcanic rock towers…

Sassi's Fortress

Sassi - Molazzana

Fief of nobles Porcaresi, who built a castle (11th-12th century), it was taken over in 1274 by Lucca. The medieval chronicles…

Sillico's Tower

Sillico - Pieve Fosciana

Sillico, a medieval village, is placed on the spurs of  Apennines overlooking the flood plain and the village of Pieve…

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