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Fortresses and castles: Verrucole Fortress

Already the end of Verrucole, certainly by wart, does understand how easily you could not choose a better location, perched and stony, on which to build a fortification. The medieval fortress, which dates back to the days of feudalism, in Garfagnana, had as its representatives in zone i accounts Gherardinghi, is definitely one of the best known and in recent years the subject of numerous restoration projects promoted by the municipality of San Romano in Garfagnana, who owns from 1986.
If originally crenellated Castle is served by Manor House, later became, in time, venue of the Curia of Verrucole, and later military garrison, with two castellans to command an its Gatehouse, a defence of both Fortresses, the round Square, placed on the two extremes of the Hill. The second half of the 15th century the interventions that have made the Fort as we see today. Were required for military use the two bastions that overlook the town of Verrucole, as the tunnel that leads to the underground casemate. Local legends still report as from here was to start a secret tunnel leading to the fortress of Camporgiano, administrative headquarters of Vicarious to which belonged the Castle. From the terrace of the fortress there is a complete idea of the massive fortress and enjoys, as an engineer of the 19th century, "the most beautiful horizon della Garfagnana".

The parish church of San Lorenzo, beginning the footpath leading to the monument there is, now, under the powerful Este family, impregnable bulwarks garrison to defend much of Garfagnana. Finished the trail and crossing the walls from the main door with guardiola, you should definitely visit the tunnel leading to the underground casemate, how to observe the breathtaking views from the 16th century bastions. The Round Rock, perhaps the first town hall, was the residence of Captain estense and impregnable prison, where torture and to confess the bandits caught in the area. A solid and steep stone staircase leads to the Tower, where he set up a nature trail on the fortifications and you can visit the intended life of the Castellan, jails, and overlook the garden. From Round Rock landscape embraces much of the Garfagnana, the Apennine slopes Orecchiella Park Pania di Corfino and until Pisanino and other peaks of the Apuan Alps.

The enterprise of the diamond is a symbol of Ercole I d'Este (1431-1505), represented by a diamond ring, which he holds on a zinnia flower. The capital of the Fortress Church are carved as a sign of dedication to the Estensi, the last masters of the ancient province of Garfagnana.  Read more

The fortress is open during the summer from 9 to 20 hours, with free access to the bulwarks and the ' square of the fortress area. The Round Rock, with the nature trail on the fortifications and casemate can be visited with admission.

Individual adults € 3.00 6-12 years/bambini 1.00 €/free up to 6 years

School Groups $ 1.00 minimum 20 people groups € 1.50/free escorts guide



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