In winter it is possible to ski in Casone di Profecchia and Careggine, two little ski resorts, suitable for beginners. Snowmaking systems guarantee skiing even when snowfall is scarce. The Appennine side is ideal for cross-country skiing and from Passo delle Radici there are slopes of different difficulty that connectthe two sides of Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park.

Winter hiking, with snowshoes and crampons (with frozen snow), and ski mountaineering are practiced both in Apuan alps and in the Appennino, paying close attention to the snow and weather conditions and equipped with the necessary equipment, including safety one (shovel, avalanche beacon, and probe)

For your adventures contact:

Casone di Profecchia tel +39 0583 649028 – email

Stazione Sciistica Careggine tel +39 333 1496751

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