Rifugio Cella – Monte Prado loop

From Casone di Profecchia follow the dirt road to the starting point near Rifugio Cella. From here follow the CAI path no. 54 to reach the Appenine crest of Bocca di Massa. Then take the left direction CAI no. 00 which reaches the tops of Mount Cella (1942 m.), Mount Vecchio (1982 m.) and Mount [...]
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Sentiero della Libertà of Monte Rovaio

The itinerary starts from the votive chapel of Piglionico (1127 m asl), dedicated to the Commander Leandro Puccetti and the other 18 boys of the Gruppo Valanga, who fell during the battle of Monte Rovaio (27 August 1944) The CAI path no. 138 descends steeply to the small hamlet of Colle a Panestra (1011 m, [...]
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Fabbriche di Vallico – Sentiero del Lupo

The Sentiero del Lupo is an educational loop trail, dedicated to the big predator, the Wolf.  From the parking lot in Vallico di Sotto follow the wide mule track which in about 20 minutes connects to Vallico di Sopra, an ancient medieval village characterized by slate roofs. The path crosses the village from bottom to [...]
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Val Serenaia – Orto di Donna loop

From Rifugio Donegani follow the CAI footpath no. 37A to Foce di Giovo. From here with a short detour you can reach the summit of Pizzo d’Uccello (expert hikers only). The tour continues on the CAI footpath no. 179 under the rock-face of the Cresta Garnerone and Grondilice, reaching Cava 27 (former marmble quarry) and [...]
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Piglionico – Tour of Pania della Croce

From the small chapel in Piglionico follow the CAI track no.7 to the Rifugio Rossi (1.15 hr); from here take the CAI no. 126 upwards in the Vallone dell’Inferno to reach the top of Pania della Croce (1859 m. asl), the "Queen of Apuan Alps". The track then descends to the Foce di Mosceta and [...]
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Fornovolasco – Monte Forato loop

From the village of Fornovolasco the CAI track no. 6 ascends to the Foce di Petrosciana, passing near Tana che Urla (cave) and the spring of Chiesaccia. From Foce  di Petrosciana the CAI track no. 110 follow the crest of the mountain passing nearby the arch of Monte Forato (1223 m. asl) to reach Foce [...]
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