Gallicano – Eremo Calomini Footpath

Yellow signpost From the Piazza del Comune, after the arch of the Aqueduct of Nottolini and bypassing the tunnel, the path follows the orographic right of the Turrite stream, touching the locality named Campilato, to reach the crossroads of the Crocette. Follow the paved road for a short distance towards Verni, then take the country [...]
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Piazza al Serchio – Via dei Piastroni

From the small village of Cortia, Luca Malatesta has placed 8 sandstone sculptures that mark the ancient road between Nicciano and Capoli. The Via dei Piastroni is part of a beautiful daily route that from San Michele in Piazza al Serchio goes up to Varliano (signposted GT) and goes back down to San Michele along [...]
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Careggine – Nardini Footpath

From the parking lot of Porta al Colle in the village of Careggine (882 m asl) take the country road that descends to Bosa, the Geopark Farm of Apuan Alps Park, where an easy trail climbs terraces up to the farm road that leads to Colle dei Monti, a beautiful scenic spot on the Apuan [...]
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Castelnuovo di Garfagnana – Ariosto Footpath

This footpath is dedicated to the poet Ludovico Ariosto who was in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, from 1522 to 1525, as a Governor of the Garfagnana on behalf of the Dukes of Este. The path is an easy circular trail that from Rocca Ariostesca follows via Farini and arrives at the bridge over the Turrite Secca. [...]
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San Pellegrino in Alpe – Devil’s round

From the square of San Pellegrino in Alpe (1524 m asl), between the walls of the houses, the  mule track (CAI n. 50) reaches, in about 40 minutes, the "round" near the Alpe, where San Pellegrino resisted to devil’s temptations and where every year pilgrims come up in sign of devotion and penance. From here [...]
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Campocatino – Eremo San Viano

Campocatino, at the foot of the rocky wall of Mount Roccandagia, is an ancient pasture for shepherds and one of the best known places in the entire Garfagnana. This easy walk follows the path of the procession which in June and September brings the statue of Blessed Viviano from the Hermitage to the small chapel [...]
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