Sillico – Sentiero delle Rogazioni

White-blue no. 1 signpost From the village, walking among the cultivated fields, you reach a station of the Rogation, a religious rite with which God was asked for help to protect the crops. From the Rogation of Valdogneta in a short time you go back to Sillico through terraced vineyards and chestnut groves. Recommended period: [...]
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Sillico – Sentiero delle Maestà

White-blue no. 2 signpost  Follow the "Via Chiusa" until you discover the majestic panorama of the Apuan Alps. Once in the chestnut forest, continue on the ancient municipal road that goes back to the village. Along the way some “maestà” (little chapels with a votive image) and the washhouses used until a few decades ago. [...]
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Sillico – Sentiero dei Metati

White-blue no. 3 signpost  From the village you walk through the most suggestive chestnut forest in the area, passing by some “metati”, little stone buildings for drying chestnuts. Before returning, a short variant lead to the Sillico stream near an ancient mill. Recommended period: this path can be followed all year round, except for heavy [...]
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