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An exciting excursion to discover the fascinating underground world! We will go up an underground stream, among rooms rich in concretions dating back to millions of years ago. Stalactites and stalagmites, sometimes joined in incredible columns of calcium carbonate whose date of origin is difficult to imagine, will make the visit a real experience. We will use wetsuits to easily pass under waterfalls and if we want we can dive into a crystal clear underground lake.

If we wish, it will be possible to try a short stretch of bottlenecks and then visit the room of silence where we will experience absolute darkness. At the end of the excursion there will be also the opportunity to visit the characteristic village of Fornovolasco, set at the foot of the Apuan Alps.

about 3.5 /4 hours
Difficulty / Commitment:
5 (on a scale from 1 to 12).
Caving excursion rather simple with some stretches more challenging points that do not require specific skills.
Meeting place:
Meeting time:
9.30 or 14.30
Difference in height:
+70 /- 70
Minimum number of participants:
hiking boots or sturdy sports shoes, underwear, towel
Equipment provided:
Wetsuit and neoprene shoes 5mm, helmet, headlamp.

Cost: € 65.00 per person

In case of adverse weather conditions or if the minimum number of 4 participants is not reached, the excursion will be cancelled.

For info and reservations:

Garfagnana Experience– tel +39 (0)583 641006 – email booking@garfagnanaexperience.com  – www.garfagnanaexperience.com



13 Jan 2023


Inizio Evento: 3.0 PM
Fine Evento: 7.0 PM

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