Originally, the village of Gorfigliano rose around the ancient castle, still called “Casa”, not far from the current inhabited center. The Castle of Lombard origin stands on a hill at a height of 730 m. asl. where the old cemetery still stands today.

Over the years it has undergone various renovations starting from the oldest one which dates back to 1762 when the old tower was transformed into a bell tower, up to the most recent renovation which dates back to 1983 when a group of volunteers, in their free time, expanded and restored this wonderful heritage.

In 1999 the archaeological excavations, conducted under the guidance of Dr. Juan Antonio Quiros Castillo, testified the actual antiquity of the structure. The hill was definitively abandoned in 1928 mainly due to the earthquake of 1920 when the town was moved to the flatter part of the territory.

Seven stone altars and a wooden statue that previously belonged to the Old Church or Ancient Castle are now located inside the parish church of Saints Giusto and Clemente, patrons of the village.


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