Having finally left the Apuan Alps, the route leads to Monte Tondo (1782 mt. a.s.l.). The view ranges from the Gulf of La Spezia to the Pisa mountains and on clear days it is also possible to see the highest peaks of Maritime Alps. Continuing along the ridge northwards you reach the Tuscan-Emilian watershed at the orographic node of Torre Tre Potenze (1771 m. a.s.l.).

Pay close attention to the signposts, especially in case of fog. It is not difficult to take the wrong footpath and continue towards Passo del Cerreto; the right direction keeps the right and leads you to the following places: Scalocchi, Mount Ischia, Passo di Cavorsella and finally Passo di Pradarena, where the Provincial road that connects Garfagnana with Reggio Emilia passes.

From this point the Garfagnana Trekking coincides with GEA footpath (Grande Escursione Appenninica) and with CAI route n. 00, so it will be necessary to refer to the these signposts too.

Overnight stay:
Rifugio Carpediem –
Passo di Pradarena tel +39 (0)522 1607395

Nearby Overnight stay:

Oasi Lamastrone – Loc. Lamastrone tel +39 348 3065985 +39 347 0568490
Villaggio Anemone –
in Capanne di Sillano tel +39 347 1887152

Walking Time: 6.30 hrs
Lenght: 15 km
Elevation gain:
↑ Uphill 825 m
↓ Downhill 280 m
Difficulty: Medium level