From Isola Santa the trail climbs into the woods, up to Capanne di Careggine. Here the recommended itinerary follows the CAI path no. 145 which, passing through the houses of the village, leads to the church of San Giacomo. A steep path leads to some houses and then continues in the chestnut wood along the Coste del Giovo. Always uphill there are ruins of houses and uptake of springs. After 1 hour the path arrives to a carving, a narrow natural crack in the rock, less than a meter wide and about twenty meters long, through which the slightly downhill path passes. Then the path goes downhill, pay attention the next stretch on rock too.

After a few minutes of descent, the path climbs again for a grassy field with a few trees and full of ruins of ancient buildings, evidence of pastoral activities (Capannelli di Careggine). The panorama is of rare beauty. Climb up to Colle delle Capanne, here follow the dirt road to descend to the Maestà del Tribbio, leaving the CAI path no. 145 which, on the left, continues to the summit of Mount Sumbra. From the Tribbio, the GT trail follows the course of the Tassetora stream through the woods, which leads to the locality Vaiano, near Lake Vagli; cross the “Morandi” bridge, a pedestrian passageway, to reach Vagli Sotto.

Anyone wishing to tackle the top of Mount Sumbra can continue from Colle delle Capanne on the CAI path 145. A short Via Ferrata (protected climbing route) leads to Passo Fiocca and, following the CAI trail n.144, reaches Passo Sella. From here the CAI trail no. 31, quickly, descends into the Arnetola Valley, then along a dirt road, reaches Vagli Sotto. (Average walking time 7.30 hours, 1200 m uphill – 1200 m downhill.)

For those who do not like gradients or in case of bad weather, it is possible to follow the paved road named “Mare-Monti”, which from Capanne di Careggine, through the Passo di Scala, reaches the village of Porretta, from where the path joins the one leading to the Maestà del Tribbio. The section marked in red GT3 on the map is no longer passable.

Il Lago +39 (0)583 664052 (apertura annuale)

Nearby Overnightstay:

Camping Rio Vaiano – Loc. Vaiano tel +39 340 907 6181
B&B Good Evening – Vagli Sotto tel +39 (0)583 664332  +39 329 3342049

Walking Time: 5 hrs
Lenght: 11 Km
Elevation gain:
↑ Uphill 590 m
↓ Downhill 590 m
Difficulty: high level

Lago di Vagli