The itinerary from Gallicano to the Grotta del Vento, along the Turrite stream, offers views of rare beauty: not to be missed, with short detours, are the village of Verni and the medieval fortress in Trassilico. The Eremo di Calomini (the Calomini Hermitage) is nestled into the bare rock-face. Closeby is the narrow Lake Trombacco, which is nestled within the deep rock gorge.

In Fornovolasco, the road ascends into the woods and after a few minutes arrives at the Grotta del Vento, one of the most well-known collection of caves, open to tourists, in the world. It is possible to enjoy the magical underground world of the limestone cavities following three different guided itineraries. Pathways and staircases permit visitors to admire stalactites and stalagmites, alabaster drapes and underground streams and rivers. Reservation required

An alternative itinerary is to return to Gallicano by the road to Vergemoli, and from here, with wide hairpin turns, it reconnects to Lake Trombacco. From Gallicano, shortly reach the medieval city of Barga where the narrow stone paved streets of the historical old city quarter, the renaissance palaces and buildings, take you to the high part of the city and the impressive romanesque “Duomo” (Cathedral) where you have one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Apuan Alps chain. Not far from Barga, is Castelvecchio Pascoli, where it is possible to visit the poet Giovanni Pascoli’s Museum residence.

The road that leads from the Grotta del Vento to Vergemoli is very narrow and therefore not recommended for campers. Access to the Eremo di Calomini from the main road (1.2 km) is not suitable for campers.

Departure: Gallicano
Km: 30
Driving Time: 1 hr without stops

Deviation: Gallicano-Barga-Castelvecchio Pascoli Round Trip
Km: 18
Driving Time: 0.30 hr without stops

eremo calomini

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