This itinerary leads to the heart of the Apuan Alps Regional Park, highlighting its outstanding qualities. It starts from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and eventually reaches the Lake of Isola Santa with its stone village by following the provincial road of Arni. The road climbs to Careggine and continues back down to the village of Poggio where it intersects the junction for Lake Vagli. The hub of tourist activities around the lake is the locality Il Bivio, where there is the free municipal swimming pool, you can sidetrack from the main itinerary to see the simple suspension bridge, the picnic areas, the shuttle for the Zipline “Volo dell’Angelo” (Angel flight).

Going up to Vagli di Sopra, you will soon reach Campocatino: the ancient shepherds’ village, nestled at the edge of a large meadow at the foot of Mount Roccandagia, an easy path highlights the natural characteristics of this “basin” of glacial origin.

From Campocatino to Gorfigliano and Gramolazzo where Mount Pisanino, the highest peak in the Apuan chain, is reflected in the green waters of the artificial lake. Frequented by fishermen and swimmers, the lake is bordered by a beautiful walkway, equipped with a pier and a small beach.

While continuing the itinerary in the direction of Piazza al Serchio, a stop in the village of San Michele is a must. The medieval bridge, the only access to the town, crosses the Acqua Bianca stream, an Apuan branch of the Serchio river.

Return to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana by following the regional road 445 and take time for a stop in Camporgiano.

Departure: Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
Km: 80
Driving Time: 2.30 hrs without stops

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