From Piazza al Serchio, commercial centre of the upper valley, follow the SR 445 road to the Passo dei Carpinelli (Carpinelli Pass), along wide cultivated fields of “farro” (spelt), the cereal which has been officially certified with the P.G.I. label, and is used in many of the local dishes.

After the Pass you descend into the Lunigiana valley, famous for its castles, and the mysterious Statue Steli (Steli Statues). Further up the plateau of Argegna with the white Sanctuary Madonna della Guardia situated on the great high field.

Then Giuncugnano, from where, following the main road to Magliano and Ponteccio you get to the centre of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park wiht great forests extending in all directions. After the villages of Dalli di Sopra and Dalli di Sotto you will arrive at Sillano and at the Pradarena provincial road.

Taking a short journey upwards you would arrive at the historical Pradarena Pass which connects the Garfagnana valley to the Reggio Emilia Province, whereas by descending you would arrive back at Piazza al Serchio.

The  road Varliano-Sillano is not recommended for campers. This itinerary can be divided into two routes: one that reaches the Argegna plateau (with a stop at the campsite Argegna) and the other one that reaches the Pradarena Pass (with a stop at Oasi Lamastrone)

Departure: Piazza al Serchio
Km: 40
Driving Time: 1.30 hrs without stops

Detour Sillano-Passo di Pradarena and back
Km: 27
Driving time : 0.40 hr without stops

Locomotiva Piazza al Serchio
oasi lamastrone

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