Castiglione di Garfagnana

Castello del Leone, the ancient name of this fortified village, still intact and austere, is located in a strategic position to guard the road that leads to San Pellegrino pass, a road connecting to northern Italy. The destiny of Castiglione, unlike most villages of Garfagnana, has been linked to Lucca since 1371, never being under [...]
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Sanctuary of San Pellegrino in Alpe

The complex, consisting of a church and a hostel for pilgrims, is already mentioned in 1168 in a bull of Pope Alexander III. In 1200 it is mentioned a "domus nova" of the hostel, perhaps following the arrival of the saint’s relics. Around 1400s there were a remodelling and in 1473 the sepulchral temple was [...]
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Museo Etnografico Don Luigi Pellegrini

The museum is located inside the medieval hostel for wayfarers and pilgrims. It is one of the most important collections of material cultural objects in central Italy. The exhibited material is an expression of the artisan, peasant and pastoral tradition of the Serchio Valley and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, and covers a period of time that [...]
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Adventure parks

The adrenaline flows during days spent in the Adventure Parks of Garfagnana. Climb trees and embark on paths of different degree of difficulty, fall down a stream, try rock climbing, fly suspended into the void or get lost in the maze of the fairies. All this is possible in perfect  safety thanks to the experienced staff [...]
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