Grotta del Vento – Tourist Cave

The Grotta del Vento is in the centre of Apuan Alps Park, in an area rich in spectacular and interesting karst phenomena. Here the weather conditions have constantly dug, carved and modelled the limestone rock, creating impressive natural sculptures, such as the Panie Massif, the enormous arch of Monte Forato or the stone waterfalls and [...]
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The Lake of Turritecava is a hydroelectric basin built in 1939 on the Turrite Cava stream that draws the Fabbriche di Vallico valley and collects the waters of various tributaries, among which, Rio Selvano the most famous stream for the canyoning activity. The lake, in its highest part, has a beautiful pebble beach where you [...]
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Hermitage of Calomini

On the road that runs alongside the Turrite di Gallicano, in the direction of the Grotta del Vento, the white sanctuary dedicated to Santa Maria ad Martyres, known by all as the Hermit, suddenly appears, set in the rock. Located close to an overhang and dug almost entirely into the rock, the sanctuary was built [...]
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Adventure parks

The adrenaline flows during days spent in the Adventure Parks of Garfagnana. Climb trees and embark on paths of different degree of difficulty, fall down a stream, try rock climbing, fly suspended into the void or get lost in the maze of the fairies. All this is possible in perfect  safety thanks to the experienced staff [...]
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