The road, leading from Gallicano towards the village of Fornovolasco and the Grotta del Vento, runs through a narrow gorge carved by the course of the stream Turrite di Gallicano. The Trombacco or Gangheri dam is soon after the bridge over the Fogliaio canal. The name of Trombacco is due to the small inhabited center, [...]
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Rocca di Trassilico

Trassilico, in the south of Garfagnana, marks the area on the southern border of the ancient states of Estensi. It has being known since 740, when a certain cleric Lombard, Gunduald, bought a piece of land. Later feud of Porcaresi’s family, who we thought to have built the original fortress, from the 15th century it [...]
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Perpoli, a small hamlet in the municipality of Gallicano, rises on a terraced hill overlooking the river valley of the Serchio River between Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and Gallicano. It has always been a strategic point for overseeing the valley, so much so that it was fortified with a double wall. The first wall, which dates [...]
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