Piazza al Serchio and San Michele

Since the early Middle Ages, the village of Piazza al Serchio developed thanks to its strategic geographical position, on the border between Tuscany, Emilia and Liguria Regions and close to numerous waterways. The presence of several ruins of fortifications reveals its importance, such as the fortress of Castelvecchio, erected to control access from the north [...]
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Museo Italiano dell’Immaginario Folklorico

A Museum of fairytales, legends, bogeyman stories, and beliefs about animals, plants, waterways, rocks, weather phenomena, farming practices, scary places and experiences etc – that is, stories that for centuries have represented the cultural geography of these areas, as seen by the peoples who lived there. The drawings currently on display in this room are the result [...]
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Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Borsigliana is a small village at about 700 m. asl, on the Apennine side of the Serchio River. The Church is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and is one of the oldest in the Garfagnana valley. It was enlarged and modified during the eighteenth century and it retains traces of the original structure on the [...]
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