Hermitage of Capraia

The Hermitage, built on a rocky spur, dominates the valley of the Ceserana stream from above. It was already mentioned a hermitage dedicated to Saints Jacopo and Cristoforo in 1168. In 1716 the current title of S. Maria is added; once joined to the parish of Sillico, Capraia became part of the new Diocese of [...]
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Prà di Lama

The lake of Prà di Lama It is the only lake of natural origin in Garfagnna, fed by underwater springs, with a flow rate of about 120 l/sec and a temperature of 30 ° C. This lake has fueled fears and legends of all kinds among the inhabitants of Pieve Fosciana for centuries. A magical [...]
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The Lake of Pontecosi is a hydroelectric basin built on the Serchio river, near Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, an ideal place for resting and wintering numerous aquatic birds, including coots and wild ducks of various species that frequent the shallow waters around the reeds. On its banks, the small village that gives its name to the [...]
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The village is mentioned in a document dated beck to 952 as a community subject to the parish of Pieve Fosciana. It was the first hamlet in the Garfagnana to make an act of dedication to the Este family of Ferrara, obtaining tax relief, and the strengthening of the defensive walls, in 1429. It is [...]
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Golf Club Garfagnana

The Golf Club Garfagnana, affiliated to Italian Golf Federation since 1994, is a 6 par 3 holes course for a total of 730m. The distances could let us think to a simple green, but it is enough just a look from the tee 1 to notice, in addition to Apuan Alps wonderful landscape, the difficulty [...]
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