Church and village of Sambuca

The small hamlet of Sambuca, in the municipality of San Romano in Garfagnana, is dominated by rugged volcanic cliffs on which stands, almost an extension of the rocks themselves, the Church of San Pantaleone. The "chapel of Sambuca" was already named as dependent of the Pieve di Fosciana Church in a document of Lucca Diocese [...]
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Fortezza delle Verrucole

The fortress of Verrucole has medieval origins, fortified in the Renaissance and inhabited until the most recent centuries. It is one of the most representative monuments of the system of military fortifications of the Este duchy in Garfagnana. The enterprise of the diamond is the symbol of Ercole 1st d'Este (1431-1505), represented by a diamond [...]
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Museo Naturalistico dell’Orecchiella

The museum is located in the Visitor Center and it is the naturalistic reception point for school groups and visitors to the Orecchiella Nature Reserves. It reproduces all the aspects of the natural environment of the Apennine Tuscan-Emilian National Park in an interactive way: the beech woods, the high-altitude grasslands, the rocky walls and the [...]
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Adventure parks

The adrenaline flows during days spent in the Adventure Parks of Garfagnana. Climb trees and embark on paths of different degree of difficulty, fall down a stream, try rock climbing, fly suspended into the void or get lost in the maze of the fairies. All this is possible in perfect  safety thanks to the experienced staff [...]
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