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The path starts from the Visitor Center and for the first part it coincides with the Fontanone path; shortly then, going up, it intersects the dirt road to Campaiana to reach a flat point where the panorama opens onto the north-west side of the Pania di Corfino. From here, near the water conduit, the path descends to the right passing through a thick beech forest, where the limestone soil, crossed by streams, hosts beautiful blooms of liverworts, anemones and Daphne mezereum in spring; further on, in a basin of water and clay, wild boars and other wild animals love to bathe. Further down, the trail continues on an ancient mule track, known for centuries as “Buca dei Lupi”, for the many times confirmed passage of these super predators; then continues to the right, along the dirt road of the Botanical Garden “Pania di Corfino” and then, always to the right, on a path that crosses the beech forest and in a few minutes leads to the entrance gate of the mountain hut Isera, ideal for a stop before the return. After about 100 meters, along the country road follow the path marked with the yellow-blue colors of Airone 1, pass through a hazelnut wood, an ideal environment for squirrels, and go back to the Visitor Center.

Walking Time: 2 hrs
Lenght: 5 km
Elevation gain:
↑ Uphill 150 m
↓ Downhill 150 m
Difficulty: Tourist

Enjoy the mountains

The 10 Essentials for Mountain Safety

The 10 Essentials for Mountain Safety
  • Before you leave plan your route (including trail length and difficulty) and inform someone you trust of your trip plan.
  • Before you leave inform about the update weather forecast by contacting directly mountain huts or other accommodations
  • Select trips of a distances and grades that are suitable to your level of conditioning. Leave early in the morning and calculate your expected time of return before dusk.
  • Choose a regular and moderate walking speed, make different rest stops, especially if there are children.
  • Drink a lot (water, tea or natural juice). Eat food rich in carbohydrate and protein such as wheat bread, dried fruit, nuts ect..
  • Choose the right equipment. The footwear has to allow a steady step and protect the articulations.
  • Use a practical and light clothing, but do not forget to carry in your pack waterproof and warm clothing. Consider taking a first aid kit.
  • When hiking with a group, take care of them and inform hikers about possible dangers, and if necessary, provide first aid.
  • Respect wildlife, avoid useless noise and leave no waste.
  • Follow signposted trails. Check your map regularly, and if you are not sure about your position try to get back on route with an eye for landmarks.

Required maps and guides

  • Alpi Apuane meridionali  fg. 535/537 scala 1:20.000 Ed. Mulgraphic – Firenze
  • Alpi Apuane settentrionali fg. 534/536 scala 1:20.000 Ed. Mulgraphic – Firenze
  • Appennino Tosco-Emiliano fg. 18 scala 1:20.000 Ed. Mulgraphic – Firenze
  • Alpi Apuane fg 200 scala 1:25.000 Edizioni 4Land -Bolzano
  • Appennino Tosco-Emiliano fg 208 scala 1:25.000 Edizioni 4Land -Bolzano


    For MTB routes:

  • Carta turistica Garfagnana – Itinerari in MTB scala 1:50.000 ed. Ass Garfagnana MTB Sharing

Local Hiking Guides

Adami Michela +39 333 7294941
Bertagni Attilio +39 333 5846159
Bertolini Antonella +39 347 17898696
Bini Manuel +39 380 1241224
Bonaventuri Giziano +39 334 1815450
Bonini Daniele +39 340 4876237
Bozzi Elisa +39 349 6416663
Fiori Alessandra +39 329 3435564
Fontanini Nicholas +39 348 5154999
Fruganti Enrico
+39 333 7530872
Lunardi Marco +39 329 2015805
Marchi Stefano +39 328 9077578
Mori Mirco +39 327 5705234
Musetti Danilo +39 328 6772893
Orsoni Francesca
+39 328 3197046
Pedri Lucia
+39 336 666795
Pellizer Pier Luigi +39 328 5369047
Saisi David +39 328 6772917
Tortelli Riccardo +39 333 6937950
Yates Bell Rupert +39 347 5139794

Local Hiking guides associations
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Garfagnana Adventure
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Garfagnana Rafting

La Garfagnana è un universo contratto, non c’è strada, cammino o sentiero che non porti a una visione inattesa, a qualcosa di inaspettatamente straordinario. Può essere una roccia, un eremo, un bosco, un fiume, un castello, ma può essere anche un uomo. So che ciò che mi chiama in Garfagnana non è semplicemente la sua geografia, ma gli umani che la abitano, come la abitano. La Garfagnana è di una bellezza struggente, una bellezza selvaggia e amorevole; e ciò che mi commuove è come il suo paesaggio sia stato plasmato, lavorato, addolcito anche nelle durezze più ardue da chi lo vive.


Maurizio Maggiani