The Rocca was built around the 15th century by the powerful family of Ferrara and is situated on a rocky relief opposite the Fortress of Verrucole, located on the other side of the Serchio. These two mighty strongholds used to oversee the main access road to Garfagnana.

It used to be the heart of the village, today the fortress does not retain much of its original structure due to the damage done by an earthquake in 1920.

The walls, accompanied by a walkway for the patrol, are equipped with two large towers that make up the most significant part of the fortification. Inside the walls the base of the bell tower, is the Romanesque Church of San Sisto and fragments of the original medieval walls, which form the oldest part of the fortification. Today the fortress is privately owned, but in its main tower you can visit the Museum of Civic Collection of Renaissance Ceramics, a collection of precious ceramics dating from the 14th to the 16th century found in the wells during remodelling.

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On reservation only by calling the Municipality office of Camporgiano

La Rocca estense di Camporgiano

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