Trassilico, in the south of Garfagnana, marks the area on the southern border of the ancient states of Estensi. It has being known since 740, when a certain cleric Lombard, Gunduald, bought a piece of land. Later feud of Porcaresi’s family, who we thought to have built the original fortress, from the 15th century it was the domain of Estensi, as much of Garfagnana, and the administrative headquarters of a vicarious. In Rocca, effectively, lived a mayor appointed by the community, justice was administered and the parliaments of the oldest municipalities in the district gathered: Cascio, Molazzana, Brucciano, Calomini, Vergemoli, Fornovolasco, Gragliana, Factories, Valico Sotto and Valico Sopra. Thanks also to the historical strategic importance of the place and the military and administrative functions of the Rock, the country gave birth in the past, to the naturalist Antonio Vallisneri, to the physical Leopoldo Nobili and to the poet Giovanni Pierelli. TheFortress, recently restored in the walls and in the severe tower, is a fine show of itself at the top of the hill of Trassilico.

From Trassilico you can see, as well as a good part of southern Garfagnana, also a unique view of Apuan Alps. It is impossible not to notice, before entering the village, an artistic fountain-washhouse with friezes and inscriptions in stone. At the edge of the village the majestic church of St. Peter, with a beautiful XVI century painting, recently restored Simone Carretta. You should also visit the Fortress, with its severe tower and exposed to weather. Fulvio Testi, 17th century poet and Governor of Garfagnana, recalled in his time that the winds were particularly horrible, so that shook the fortress, whose walls are thick 6 arms, and these are not fairy tales.

On washhouse fountain, just outside the village, with letters carved in stone under the emblems and Vicarial estensi, in a Spaniard Italian , women were invited to hold his tongue, recalling that “non es fuogo che mas arda come lingua che mas habla”.

Accessible by disabled people only on reservation at Rifugio La Maestà

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