The fortress of Verrucole has medieval origins, fortified in the Renaissance and inhabited until the most recent centuries. It is one of the most representative monuments of the system of military fortifications of the Este duchy in Garfagnana.

The enterprise of the diamond is the symbol of Ercole 1st d’Este (1431-1505), represented by a diamond ring, to which clings a zinnia flower  which is also carved on the capital of the church as a sign of dedication to Estensi.

Thanks to an important remodelling project, started in 1986 with the purchase by the Municipality of San Romano in Garfagnana, today the Fortress is a living-museum, with guides who re-enact and interpret the life of the castle in the thirteenth century.

Today the fortress is accessible to the public thanks to the cogwheel train that climbs the steep slopes of the hill on which the fortress is built. Service by reservation.

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