Since the early Middle Ages, the village of Piazza al Serchio developed thanks to its strategic geographical position, on the border between Tuscany, Emilia and Liguria Regions and close to numerous waterways.

The presence of several ruins of fortifications reveals its importance, such as the fortress of Castelvecchio, erected to control access from the north toward Garfagnana, on the top of one of the “Doglioni”, the black volcanic rock towers that characterize the convergence of the Serchio di Sillano river with the Serchio di Gramolazzo river.

The surrounding area was characterized by the presence of fortifications, such as Borsigliana or the so-called “castelletto” in Nicciano, while S. Michele is a fortified village and residence of S. Michele’s nobility and it preserves pieces of the enclosing wall and a tower-house.

The hump-backed bridge is the only access to the medieval village.

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