Like a small nativity scene set against a red marble spur, the hamlet owes its name to the particular pink hue of the stones with which the houses and the church of San Michele are built, a colour that is accentuated in the light of the sunset.

The wide grassy terraces that slope down towards the valley create a sharp contrast with the steep cliffs and deep precipices that loom over the gorge of the Corfino River.

In the village Massa Sassorosso, about 3 km away, there is a street, Largo Astor Piazzolla, and a permanent exhibition by the Project “Parco Appennino nel Mondo” of Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park and “Fundacion Astor Piazzolla” which recall the “Garfagnine” origins of the master of tango. From here emigrated in 1888, newlyweds, maternal grandparents and Assunta Manetti, mother of the artist, was born in Argentina.

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