Banca dell'Identità e della Memoria della Garfagnana

The Banca dell’Identità e della Memoria della Garfagnana is a document and multimedia collection center on the history, culture and traditions of Garfagnana valley.

Established in November 2004 by the Unione Comuni Garfagnana with the fundamental contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation, it represents an important in-depth tool for students, teachers, researchers and enthusiasts of the area in general.

The Center also promotes culture through the organization of public meetings that see dynamic cooperation with the local area and is an important point for carrying out studies and research on topics of significant local interest that are disseminated through the homonymous Editorial Series “Banca dell’Identità e della Memoria della Garfagnana”.

The dialects spoken in Garfagnana, in real linguistic islands such as the villages of Vagli and Gorfigliano, have little to do with the Tuscan vernacular, that of the aspirated “C”, that in Garfagnana becomes a “G” too often revealing the origin and reason for derision of the speaker.

Words and meanings were collected by Aldo Bertozzi in a dictionary of 622 pages that can also be consulted online Dizionario Garfagnino

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