From Chianti to Brunello and Sassicaia, the wines of Tuscany are known all over the world.

The 22 Wine and Olive Oil roads, such as that of the Lucchesi and Montecarlo hills, tell us well how the landscape of Tuscany has been shaped over the centuries by the cultivation of vines and olives.

In Garfagnana, a mountain area, marginal to these crops, there are three experiences of excellence in wine production that organize guided tours and wine tastings.

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Cantina Bravi in Loc. Polla – Camporgiano tel +39 338 7594043 email

Podere Concori in Loc. Fiattone – Gallicano tel +39 339 6323092 email

Maestà della Formica in Careggine tel +39 349 6921806 email