The museum is located on the main tower of Rocca of Camporgiano. The medieval stronghold passed in 1446 from Malaspina to Estensi Lords which rebuilt it in the present structure.

The collection is displayed on two floors that constitute the main tower of the stronghold and house the collection of Renaissance terracotta and ceramics which come from territorial excavations on two halls. The ceramics come from two “G-shaped” wells that they were emptying during remodelling. These wells have been excavated in the remaining space among the the fourteenth-century building Cortina and the defensive walls elevated by Estensi. On the other hand a little part of ceramics have been recovered in Nicciano (Piazza al Serchio’s Municipality).

All the ceramics cover a time frame of almost three centuries, from the beginning of 4th century to the second half of 6th century. The period is appropriately illustrated by the graffiti artwork on pottery, jugs, bowls, and basins.

The museum was reopened 26th September 1999 after some installations adjustment works. In the summer time the volunteers of the local tourist office guarantee the opening, in other periods it can be visited only by reservation.

Info and booking

On reservation only by calling the Municipality office of Camporgiano tel +39 (0)583 618888


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