The museum is located in the Visitor Center and it is the naturalistic reception point for school groups and visitors to the Orecchiella Nature Reserves. It reproduces all the aspects of the natural environment of the Apennine Tuscan-Emilian National Park in an interactive way: the beech woods, the high-altitude grasslands, the rocky walls and the pastures. One section is entirely dedicated to birds of prey.

The museum includes wildlife areas that host mouflon sheep, bears and roe deer and the garden of mountain flowers.


Access to the paid area of the Visitor Center is by reservation at the following email address or online on Geoticket (tourism section) with a maximum daily number of 600 people.

Centro Visitatori

  • +39 (0)583 619098

Reparto Carabinieri Biodiversità di Lucca

Opening hours:

Every Sunday from Easter to November 1

Weekends from June to September

Every day from July  1 to September 15

By reservation for groups at any time of the year

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